I love reality shows, Degrassi and living In Los Angeles, I'm a boy (31) but a kid at heart.

Just Another Boy In The L.I.E

YAY!!!! @10 MTV

me-guns-roses-deactivated201310 asked:
just wanted to say Coral is my favorite too, lol. and Veronica. I wish they would ask Veronica back:/

I want the old crews to come back lol Coral Veronica Rachel Katie and Jisela !!!

streetsofthesuburbs asked:
Yay! A challenge fan!! Im counting down every second till the new season, seems to be the only thing i ever look foward to, who our favorite team going to be on BOTS?

I have been waiting for this since the last one, even though I love the other off name challenges, nothing is like battle of the seasons or battle of the sexes :D I CANT WAIT EITHER


Who’s ready for ALL the drama!? 

Anonymous asked:
I'm huge Challenge fan too. Who is your favorite competitor ever?

Not gonna lie lol Coral is my fave, and will always be :D

Anonymous asked:
are you gay?


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